Personal Loans

Whether you are getting married, taking a dream vacation, buying a new car, or looking for a faster way to pay off existing debt, a Great Oaks Bank Personal Loan can be customized to help make it happen.

Take a look at our loans products below. It's easy to compare to see which option fits your needs.

  • Purchase or refinance a new or pre-owned car, truck, SUV or van
  • Competitive rates and terms are customized based upon loan structure and term
  • Renovate, repair, improve, or expand your home
  • Purchase a vacation home
  • Buy a lot for future construction
  • Home construction
  • Residential mortgage
  • Recreational land for hunting, fishing, etc.
  • Personal investments

Looking to use some of the equity in your home without having to refinance? A home equity line of credit might be right for you! Click here to learn more.

  • Purchase a boat or recreational vehicle
  • Refinance existing debt to lower rates, payments, etc.