Treasury Management Services

No matter the size of your business, ensuring smooth, secure, and efficient management of daily financial transactions and cash reserves is a top priority. At Great Oaks Bank, we understand the importance of comprehensive treasury management in maintaining cash flow and optimizing liquidity for businesses like yours. We take pride in our dedicated Treasury Services team and their expertise to address all your business needs. No generic 800 numbers here, just experienced bankers committed to helping you thrive!

What's Included in Treasury Management?

Effective treasury management utilizes a robust suite of tools, services, and expert guidance to streamline cash management, enhance transaction efficiency, and improve vendor operations. It ensures strict adherence to regulatory guidelines and industry best practices using the best technology available to minimize financial risks to your company. Treasury management also includes adopting protocols and policies that improve overall cash flow and operating costs in areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, borrowing, and currency exchange.

We're committed to providing you with top-notch support to help your business succeed. Contact our Treasury Services team whenever you're ready to take treasury management to the next level.

Treasury Services

Effortlessly pay bills online through our Bill Pay service. Say goodbye to manual payments and stay organized with scheduled payments and eBills.

Optimize your business's financial operations with ACH Origination. Collect receivables electronically and expedite recurring payments. Simplify payroll and payables, all while reducing the need for checks and saving valuable time.

Initiate secure wire transfers via our Treasury Services platform. Enjoy the ease of sending funds right from your office. Set up dual control and wire limitations for added security.

Protect your business from fraudulent transactions by enrolling in Positive Pay. Monitor, review, and detect fraud by sharing information about legitimate checks and authorized ACH transactions. Maintain control over your account and reduce potential financial loss.

Deposit checks securely from your office or storefront using Remote Deposit Capture. Expedite deposits without the need to visit a branch, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Make deposits directly from your mobile device using our Mobile Deposit feature, available through our Mobile app. Convenience and flexibility in the palm of your hand.

Enhance your debit and credit card processing capabilities with our Merchant Services. Accept all major debit and credit cards, providing customers with endless payment options. Explore Point-of-Sale system solutions through our trusted vendor partnerships to grow your business.

Put your excess money to work while maintaining liquidity. Whether you're looking to pay down your revolving line of credit or earn interest on your excess cash, we have a solution for your business needs. Ask us how we can automate your transfers.

Enhance your cash handling processes with Smart Safe. Smart Safe electronically validates your daily deposits and transmits the amounts to the bank for credit to your account. Armored car personnel then transport the cash from the safe on an agreed schedule, protecting both employees and your deposits. Safes that process change orders are also available.

Using our Online Banking System, import transaction information from your accounts into most major accounting software, including Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Money. BAI2 and CSV file formats are also supported.

Improve cash flow by utilizing our Business Credit Card for everyday expenses or larger purchases. Track purchases and manage payment options online. Obtain additional cards for your employees to allow business purchases anywhere in the world. Choose from two different card products to best fit your needs.

Platinum Benefits Card

  • No annual fee
  • APR Wall Street Prime Rate + 12.00%
  • Visa zero liability
  • Manage business expenses 24/7 through

Cash Back Rewards Card

  • $79 annual fee
  • 1% Cash back on all qualifying purchases up to $100,000
  • annually
  • APR Wall Street Prime Rate + 10.00%
  • Manage business expenses 24/7 through

Need an enhanced expense management solution? Purchase cards provide enhanced real-time control over user transactions and card limits. The online expense management portal enables users to view and allocate monthly expenses before routing them to accounts payable or to supervisors for approval. Enhanced reporting, digital receipts, and streamlined back-office efficiencies are just some of the benefits of using purchase cards.

For businesses with higher transaction activity and larger account balances, our business analysis allows you to earn credit for your deposit balances and use those earnings to offset fees associated with treasury management or deposit services.

Traveling across the globe? Let us order or exchange your foreign currency.