Technology Upgrade! Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Great Oaks Bank completing a technology upgrade?
Our goal is to offer best-in-class technology to serve our customers. This upgrade will improve our technology to provide new services, easier access to and enhanced security of your banking information, improve our internal operational efficiencies and add value to our relationships for years to come.

When will this technology upgrade be complete?
The upgrade will be implemented after the close of business on Friday, February 11. Our new technology will be fully functional as of 8:00 AM on Monday, February 14.

What will change as a result of this upgrade?
Most of the initial changes are internal and should not be noticed by customers. The most significant change, and where we need your assistance during the upgrade, is related to debit cards. Our shift to a new debit card processor requires that we replace your current card. This is being completed at no cost to you.

What will change with my debit card?
Your current debit card will be active through February 13. You will receive a new debit card in the mail in an unmarked white envelope approximately one week before the upgrade (approximately the week of February 7). Your new PIN will be mailed two days after your new card, also in an unmarked white envelope. Please watch your mail for these important items.

Starting Monday, February 14 at 6 am, you may activate your new card. Please call the number listed on the sticker on your new card to activate. If you have any issues activating your card, please call 478-374-4754 and a member of our team will gladly assist you with activation. If your current debit card has not been reissued within the past few months, your new card will be upgraded with touchless and EMV/chip technology, which enhances the security of your transactions.

What if I haven’t used my debit card in a long time?
If you have not activated your current card, or if you have not used your card within the last 12 months, your current card will no longer be functional and you will not automatically receive a new card. We can print a new card for you at any Great Oaks Bank office or you can call 478-374-4754 to request one via email at

Will my account numbers stay the same?
Yes, all checking, savings, money market, and loan numbers will remain the same.

May I still use my current checks?
Yes, you may continue to use your current checks.

Will my deposit account statement still be produced on the same day of the month?
Business account statements will continue to be produced on the last business day of each month. The monthly statement date for some personal account statements will change. All deposit account holders will receive a statement as of February 11, 2022, reflecting all activity from the last statement date through the date of the upgrade. The next statement received will reflect activity from February 12.

Will my e-statements stay the same?
Yes, if you currently receive statements via email, you will still receive your documents via email and you will be able to access the previous 13 months of statements and checks.

Will online and mobile banking change?
Everything on your mobile app and with online banking should remain the same, including the process to access your account information and to process transactions.

What services will be unavailable during the upgrade?
Online and mobile banking will be unavailable from 10:00 PM on Friday, February 11 until Saturday evening, February 12. Debit card transactions will be unavailable from 2:00 AM until 8:00 AM on Monday, February 14.

Will Bill Pay or my automated payments be interrupted?
There will be no interruption in Bill Pay. Your payee information, payment history, and automatic payments will remain unchanged. However, if you have established automated payments using your current debit card, these should be updated with your new debit card number several days before the next payment due date.

Will telephone banking be available during the upgrade?
Telephone banking will not be available from 10:00 PM Friday, February 11 until 8:00 AM Monday, February 14. To access our new telephone banking system, please call the new telephone banking number, which is 866-596-0628. Please have your social security or tax id number ready when you call to re-enroll.

Will your ATMS be accessible during the upgrade?
Our ATMs will be out of service for approximately 2 hours on the morning of Monday, February 14, from 8 – 10 am. After activation, your new debit card, using your new PIN, will function at all ATMs. Your old card will not be functional after February 13.

What new services or features will be available after this technology upgrade?
Most of the new features, services, and options improve online and mobile access to your banking information and electronic transaction processing, including:

  • Online password reset when you are accidentally locked out of online banking

  • Enhanced bill pay setup using a picture of your invoice

  • Wire transfer requests via online banking after setup approval

  • Funds transfers to/from accounts held at other financial institutions

  • Person to person payments

  • Optional consolidated business account statements and analysis reports

  • Optionally combined loan and deposit statements reflecting activity in multiple accounts

  • Option to turn your debit card on and off through the mobile app

Is there a number to call or email address for questions I may have?
Yes, our team stands ready to assist you during this upgrade. Please call 478-374-4754 or email